what size Navien tankless water heater do I need:

The tankless water heating systems are rated by the max temp rise possible at a specified flow rate. Therefore, for sizing a tankless water heating unit, you have to decide the flow rate and the temp rise you will require for its application (entire home or a remote application, like only a restroom) in the house. It’s significant to note that you ought to never try and save cash by under-sizing the tankless water heater. So, what size Navien tankless water heater do I need? Let’s figure out!

Features Analysis Of The Navien Tankless Water Heater:

These are the best Navien Tankless water heaters with amazing features. All the models have double stainless steel heat exchangers for combating possible corrosion from the condensing performance.

    • NaviLink of Navien is an add-on part for all the models that allow Wi-fi for the remote control and monitoring of your water heating device. The Wi-fi control charges two hundred to two hundred and twenty-five dollars from different sellers. Brands like Rinnai and Rheem make a few models with incorporated Wi-fi.
    • NPE-Advanced models comprise a buffer tank and recirculation pump, technology known as Comfort Flow. It comprises a timer so that your pump is not reheating and recirculating water when there is no demand. The unit sustains a little amount of heated water in your Tankless device and pipe directing to the designated outlets/faucets. It decreases wasted water and time when waiting for hot water. Remember, though, that recirculating and heating water utilizes extra energy. It is a trade off between disbursing for metered water that is wasted and disbursing for gas to fire your device.
    • The HotButton of Navien is an optional thing that can mount remotely, near a restroom, for instance. The button turns on the internal recirculation from your device to a valve like a shower utilizing a return line, so the hot water is instantaneously accessible. The HotButton kit charges about eighty dollars. Expect fitting to be 150 dollars to 300 dollars.

  • All the models of Navien provide cascading technology. It denotes up to sixteen units can be linked together, eight when utilizing a common vent, for serving large houses and commercial applications where a huge volume of hot water is in high demand.
  • The Advanced Series water heating units also have the optional handheld remote that permits you to control and monitor all the features comprising the recirculation timer and water temp. The remote charges seventy-five dollars to eighty-five dollars from different sellers.
  • The Advanced Series units of Navien provide space heating with the option of H2Air Kit. Hot water is circulated to your radiator-like heat exchange placed in an air handler or a furnace. The device’s blower pulls air over your heat exchanger. The heated air is then simply distributed through ductwork. While inventive, this technique of heating isn’t as cost-effective as either a heating pump or furnace. Expect guess for the installation and equipment to charge fifteen hundred plus dollars.

How Can You Choose The Correct Size Navien Tankless Water Heating Unit?

For figuring out what size Navien tankless water heater do I need:

Things To Contemplate When Sizing:

How much water will be needed throughout the peak time or busiest usage time can be found out based on these factors:

  • How many tubs, restrooms, washers, and dishwasher are gonna be utilized? Are you planning any added extras in the future?
  • Size of your household.
  • What is the usage pattern?
  • Do you have teens or kids as hot water usage is rising with their requirements?
  • Type and quantity of the fixtures.

How Can You Choose The Correct Size Navien Tankless Water Heating Unit 2019

How Much Hot Water Is Required Per Application?

Here’re the consumption rates as a clue of how much hot water is needed by a particular application. Utilize it as a reference when sizing your tankless water heating device:

  • Showers with the power-efficient shower head – 2.5 to 3 GPM.
  • For a bath or shower – around twenty gallons.
  • Washing machine requires thirty-two gallons for washing your clothes or two gallons per minute.
  • Automatic dishwasher requires around fourteen gallons or 1.5 gallons per minute.
  • For shaving – two gallons.
  • For the kitchen sink – 1.5 gallons per minute.

All the above information takes into consideration the average temp between one hundred and one hundred and ten Fahrenheit.

How Can You Determine The Tankless Water Heating System’s Size?

For determining what the peak demand for the hot water is, list the number of appliances you’re gonna utilize at one time and tote up your flow rates. If your tankless device is utilized for providing two sinks and a shower simultaneously and if we suppose that the peak demand for a shower is 2.5 GPM and 0.75 GPM for every sink, the total peak demand for the hot water is 4.0 GPM.

Entire-house electric heating systems will frequently provide two to four GPM at 75 Fahrenheit temp rise, while the gas one much more. Select your tankless water heating unit model closest to the computed temp rise and flow rate requirements.

Note: Standby energy wasted or heat loss when hot water isn’t being utilized, was an important thing when measuring your tank size; but in the case of tankless water heating devises and because of the storage tanks’ lack, standby heat loss can be totally eradicated.

The Bottom Line:

The Tankless Water heating system of Navien is an amazing addition if you’re searching to have continuous hot water provided to the house for family usage. It’s very durable and will last for numerous years without needing any kind of maintenance. Also, if you’re searching for a method to cut back on the bills, then this unit is the ideal product for you.

The tankless water heating system of Navien has established to be the best one you can purchase if you’re searching for the water heating unit that’ll provide you the ultimate composure when it is about heating and space.