Navien Tankless Gas Water Heater Maintenance:

We frequently get asked about when and how you ought to be performing Navien Tankless Gas Water Heater Maintenance. The simple answer is that the manufacturer suggests it be accomplished annually. Doing simple maintenance will expand the water heater’s life and avert future issues. The major thing, as most individuals acquaint by now, is the descaling or flush of the device. For maintaining efficiency and good flow through such devices, you have to have them flushed, with a manufacturer permitted solution. By maintaining the Tankless water heating system annually, you’ll be ensuring an extended lifetime on the newest energy-saving unit.

Cleaning Your Navien Tankless Water Heater:

Caution: Make certain your water heater is switched off, and the power supply is completely disconnected. The water heater might remain hot for numerous minutes after it is switched off. For avert burns, wait until your water heater has cooled down. For cleaning your water heater, wipe it’s outside using a damp cloth. Utilize a non-abrasive, non-acidic cleaner for removing any stains. The front board is dampness resistant, but it’s not waterproof. Try keeping it dry.

For Navien tankless gas water heater maintenance

Draining Your Tankless Water Heater:

You have to drain your water heater before doing maintenance tasks, like cleaning your inlet water filter, or for preventing your water heater from freezing when it’ll not be utilized for a long time. For draining your water heater:

Put a bucket under your water heater, for collecting the remaining water inside your water heater. Hit the Power button located on the front panel for turning the power off to your water heater. Close your gas valve. Then, close your water supply valve on the inlet to your water heater. If there’s no valve, switch off the supply of water at your water main. Open all the hot water valves. The water that stays in the plumbing lines will drain.

Confiscate the recirculation inlet filter from the water heater (“A” model only). Then, open the drain plug of the pump (“A” model only). Remove your cold water inlet filter. Permit the remaining water to drain out from your water heater. When water is fully drained, insert your cold water inlet filter and your recirculation inlet filter again, and then close your pump drain plug.

Flushing Your Heat Exchanger:

Caution: Flushing your heat exchanger is a bit difficult process. Read this instruction cautiously before trying this process. If you’re unsure about any of these steps in the process, contact a licensed professional or an approved technician. Remember that the improper Navien tankless gas water heater maintenance can cancel the warranty. Before trying to flush your heat exchanger, collect these following things:

  • Cleaning solution mixed with water
  • A big bucket that is five gallons or larger
  • A circulation pump for water
  • Three hoses

For flushing your heat exchanger: Hit the power button for switching your water heater off. Disconnect your power supply to your water heating system. Now, simply close the D and C valves on the cold and hot water lines. Attach one tube to your A valve and then place the free end in your bucket. Now, connect one of your tubes to the outlet of the circulation pump and your cold water line at the B valve.

Connect one of your tubes to the inlet of the circulation pump and put the free end in your bucket. Add the cleaning solution into your bucket. Now, open both A and B valves. Switch on your circulation pump and let the solution to flow through your water heater for at least forty-five minutes. Then, rinse your cleaning solution from your water heater:

  • Take out the free end of your drain tube from your bucket and put it in the laundry tub or condensate drain (wherever your water heater drains).
  • Open the D valve and close the B. Don’t open your C valve yet.
  • Let the water to run through your water heater for five minutes.
  • Open the C valve and close the A.

Then simply disconnect all the tubes. Take out the inlet filter of cold water from your water heater and clean out any remaining. Insert your filter again and make sure you have tightly secured the filter cap. Connect your power supply to your Water Heater again. Hit your Power button for switching your water heater on.

Cleaning Your Recirculation Inlet Filter & Inlet Water Filter:

For cleaning your filters, first of all, drain your water heater as mentioned earlier. While your filters are removed, clean it using the clod and clean running water and, if essential, scrub it using a brush. Insert it again and tighten. Fill your water heater again.

Cleaning Your Air Intake Filter:

If your air intake filter becomes bunged by lint or dust, your water heater will stop working, and Error Code 10 will emerge on your front panel display. For the proper Navien tankless gas water heater maintenance, you ought to clean your air intake filter every three to four months. For cleaning your air intake filter:

First of all, turn off the water heating unit by simply hitting the Power button from the front panel. Then, disconnect your power supply to your water heater. Take out the front cover of your water heating system. Take out the screw that helps the air intake filter stay in place (your filter can be found at the top left of your water heating unit). Pull your filter out of your water heating device.

Take out your filter from its plastic assembly and rinse it using clean running water and a toothbrush. Let your filter dry. Insert your filter again into its plastic assembly. Put your filter assembly back into your water heater and use a screw for securing it. Replace your front cover. Then, simply connect your power supply again to your water heating unit. Hit the Power button from the front panel for switching your water heating device on.

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