Best Navien NPE-240A Gas Tankless Water Heater Review:

Available in the market since 1978, the products of Navien are among the world’s most energy-saving, efficient, and CO2 decreasing Tankless Water Heating Units. The Navien npe-240a is the Premier Tankless unit from a reliable brand and provides advanced technology for resolving a few of the common snags of the tankless heaters.

Navien npe-240a Tankless Water Heater Features:

  • Easy Fitting:

The installation procedure takes about four hours if you have basic plumbing information; if not, we still advise you to get experts on it. There’re also clear fitting directions for you.

  • Good At Keeping Water Temp:

The device has advanced technology for keeping the water temp for an extended time, and hot water runs out quite fast after switching on. It is capable of quickly correcting the temp if it draws down abruptly for certain causes.

Top Navien NPE-240A Gas Tankless Water Heater Review

  • Intelligent Preheating:

It’s said the device has the technology of intelligent preheating, that’s to say when the user takes a shower or utilize a large amount of hot water in a certain moment a day often it’ll sense the trend and begins preheating before the utilization time. The heated water can be sustained for an extended time.

  • Simple Operation Control Center Front Panel:

The control center is set to easy and super straightforward to operate; it shows the status of temp, cascade operation, and water flow rate. It’s also capable of convertible displaying from degree Fahrenheit to degree Celsius. You can simply switch it off using the button.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Navien NPE-240A Gas Tankless Water Heater


  • Low NOx emissions
  • Energy efficient
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger guarantees an extended lifespan
  • High flow rate
  • Utilizes advanced preheating technology


  • Larger than a few tankless devices because of the improved flow rate (but still smaller than most traditional tank units!)
  • Premium model is more costly than the devices with lower flow rates and fewer features

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: What Does The Word A Means In Navien 240-A?

A: The word A denotes advanced. The term A is indicated in this unit to show the unit designed with a buffer tank and the internal recirculating pump.

Q: What Are Its Electrical Data?

A: Navien npe-240a Condensing Premium Gas Tankless Water Heater needs one phase, 120 volts, and frequency of sixty Hertz.

Q: What Is The Temp Range?

A: Navien heaters are frequently set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can increase the temp up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, the perfect temp is about 140-145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: What Does The Product Include?

A: You’ll acquire a wall mounting bracket, conversion kit, and anchor and tapping screw, 2” wall flange and2” vent termination cap.

Q: What Is The Flow Rate?

A: The flow rate is huge. But, to be more exact, this unit has a flow rate of 11.2 gallons per minute at a forty-five degrees temp rise and 12.2 gallons per minute at thirty-five degrees rise.


The npe-240a is an amazing product that comes at an extremely reasonable cost. This device is a cost-effective asset for the consumers, which will supply hot water for an extended time. The device is dependable for its advantages and features. The consumers are very much contented with the NPE-240A. 

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